Shimano Stradic CI4 + 2500 FB


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Several sizes.

Super light and smooth spinning reel.

Shimano Stradic CI4 + 1000 FA

Shimano Stradic CI4 + 4000 FA

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The Stradic CI4+ FA features the very latest lightweight CI4+ body and AR-C lightweight spool producing excellent overall weight saving making this new model perfect for lightweight rods. The ultra light Magnumlite CI4+ rotor gives a super smooth rotation feeling. With X-ship gearing and 6 ball bearings (plus a Shimano roller bearing) the Stradic CI4+ FA generates powerful cranking performance and improved smoothness to cope with even the most demanding situations. An easy to adjust waterproof Rapid Fire drag delivers confident fish-playing performance, even when using light lines. Available in four sizes, the smallest 1000 size also has a 'Micro Line' version for ultra light lines and this diameter braids.

En av de mest uppskattade haspelrullarna de senaste åren har varit Stradic CI4
tack vare sin låga vikt. Nu blir rullen ännu lättare tack vare det nya materialet CI4+
som är både lättare och starkare. 6 kullager, ett rullager, X-Ship och en nyutvecklad Magnumlite rotor gör nya Stradic CI4+ till en suverän haspelrulle. 

1000 FB

Weight: 160 gr
Gear ratio: 5.0:1

66 cm/26 inch per crank

Braking power: 3 kg

Line capacity: Nylon 0.25 mm / 90 m

2500 FB

Weight: 190 gr
Gear ratio: 5,0:1

73 cm/29 inch per crank

Braking power: 9 kg

Line capacity: Nylon 0.25 mm / 160 m

4000 FB

Weight: 230 gr
Gear ratio: 4.8:1

77 cm/30 inch per crank

Braking power: 11 kg
Line capacity: Nylon 0.30 mm / 180 m

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